Arco Voce

Scheduled Events


The first event that we are going to have is a concert being held on 25th January 2019. The concert will be held in the city center and is accessible with the help of simple registration. You can register for these tickets online with the help of our website.


Just before the summer breaks begin, we have yet another concert for our listeners. This time the concert will be held in a different city, so that, others can also participate. It will be a collaboration with some of the local artist of the city. The decided date for the March concert is 5th.

music group

4th of July is a very important day when it comes to America. Thus, having a concert on the same day is a must for our chamber music group. The 4th of July concert will be organized in our hometown. The concert will start at 5 pm in the evening and will go on till later that night.

New Year's Eve

The last scheduled event for the year 2019 as of now is in the month of December. December brings in a lot of festivities for every family in America. That is why we have a concert on New Year's Eve as well as Christmas Eve. These two concerts will be again based in the hometown. You can find more information about them by getting in touch with us directly.